Varanasi Fashion Show

The holy city of Benaras also known as Varanasi or Kashi is the Cultural Capital of India. The rich cultural heritage of this historic city is popular not only locally but also globally. To take this journey forward Confluence NGO approached Social Activist Parull Mahaajan and her colleague Gaurav Gupta to curate a Fashion Show for promoting Benarasi Fabric from Local to Global in the HINDTEX 2018 in association with Eastern Uttar Pradesh Exporters Association ( EUPEA ). In order to actually make the Show Global in the true sense Parull and Gaurav invited the Ambassadors of 10 countries to Varanasi to support and participate in the 3 day conclave which also included the Fashion Show so that they could also promote Benarasi weaves and artefacts in their respective countries. The fabrics used in making the garments were provided by the different Exporters of Benaras and the garments were designed by eminent fashion designers Dr Sanjana Jon and Amit Talwar. The models were styled by the team of Looks Salon. The highlight of the program was that the leading leather brand of India ‘Da Milano’ for the first time created a special Zari collection which was a fusion of Benarasi Fabric and leather. Parull Mahaajan who extensively works for promoting the weavers and artisans and ‘Make in India’ products said that the whole idea behind curating the Show was to showcase the beauty and richness of the Benarasi fabric to the Global world.


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