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Trans Equality Now or Nowhere…..

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” said Martin Luther King Jr.

Delhi Chilli Entertainment is highly dishearten to share this extremely sad incident happened with leading fashion Choreographer Sam Williams on pretext of  gender. The most shameful thing in this situation is that Delhi Police is involved to whom we state as law protectors. Let’s us narrate you this this full melancholy incident.

Sam was on way back home from a Party in Lodhi hotel around 4AM early morning which is Sunday 18th March 2018…

Sam had booked a cab to go home since the cab person could not able to find the right location, Sam then saw an auto person standing outside the hotel in front , suddenly Sam saw on the opposite road there were few guys who were in a car and they  tried to approach. Before they could assault me I thought of taking this auto and run home said Sam Williams (While Interacting with Delhi Chilli). When I told this auto person to take me home then  he refused and he was demanding money which was out of law, I requested him again and again but still he denied… since my life was in danger and I was bit scared I lost my temper and banged my hand on the auto, unknowingly by accident the front glass of auto got a crack. when this auto person saw that I’m all alone he took an advantage of me and raised his hand on my body, pushed me on the ground and tore my clothes along with that he broke my gold chain which I was wearing in my neck..

Now when this happened I took out my phone to call 100 number for help this auto person he snatched my phone and put in his pocket but suddenly 2 police people automatically came as they were out for patrolling up there and then I told them what all happened then they took me to the Lodhi Road Police station which was nearby..

Once when I reached the police station from early morning 4.30 AM till morning 10 AM the police people in place of giving me  justice and to lodge complaint they then made fun of me , harassed me , assaulted me , called me a sex worker and used many bad languages by comparing me with my community people. Just because I’m a Transgender? I was helpless and hopeless just because I was alone and my phone battery was totally down. (Sam is still in trauma because of the torture faced that day, while narrating this incident to Delhi Chilli Sam kept crying and asked for justice).

When the Supreme Court had already giving a law that if any Transgender case comes in police station a lady Constable should look into the matter but there was no lady police, only gents and they behave in a very unprofessional way , Sam also claimed that since there was no argument with me and then also they raised their hands on me, pulled my hair and tried to push me inside the lock up.

My only help which I want from all my friends, media and people of India that where was I wrong, I came for help in the house of law for Justice and see what all happened with me just because I’m a Transgender… Today I have raised my voice not only to fight for myself but for all those people who were helpless like me and they didn’t get justice. Please support me- says Sam

Sam has filed a complaint against the Police officer who called himself to be a SHO and his name was Ravi Shankar along with him those officer who Raised their Hands on Sam.

Now kindly read this What our constitution and Supreme Court says about tansgenders.

Preamble to the Constitution mandates Justice – social, economic, and political equality of status.

Thus the first and foremost right that they are deserving of is the right to equality under Article 14. Article 15 speaks about the prohibition of discrimination on the ground of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. Article 21 ensures right to privacy and personal dignity to all the citizens.

The Constitution provides for the fundamental right to equality, and tolerates no discrimination on the grounds of sex, caste, creed or religion. The Constitution also guarantees political rights and other benefits to every citizen. But the third community (transgenders) continues to be ostracized. The Constitution affirms equality in all spheres but the moot question is whether it is being applied.

The main problems that are being faced by the transgender community are of discrimination.

The Supreme Court judgment on Transgender Rights

This judgment covers persons who want to identify with the third gender as well as persons who want to transition from one identity to another, i.e. to male to female or vice versa. The Court has directed Centre and State Governments to grant legal recognition of gender identity whether it be male, female or third gender.

Police Reforms

I. The police administration should appoint a standing committee comprising Station House Officers and human rights and social activists to promptly investigate reports of gross abuses by the police against kothis and hijras in public areas and police stations, and the guilty policeman be immediately punished.

  1. The police administration should adopt transparency in their dealings with hijras and kothis; make available all information relating to procedures and penalties used in detaining kothis and hijras in public places.

III. Protection and safety should be ensured for hijras and kothis to prevent rape in police custody and in jail. Hijras should not be sent into male cells with other men in order to prevent harassment, abuse, and rape.

  1. The police at all levels should undergo sensitization workshops by human rights groups/queer groups in order to break down their social prejudices and to train them to accord hijras and kothis the same courteous and humane treatment as they should towards the general public.

Shikha Sharma

Deputy Editor & Host For Delhi Chilli Channel

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