Chilli Tonight

Prem Joshua & Band

DATE : Jan 15, 2015

VENUE : Hard Rock Cafe Saket, South Delhi

PHONE : 011-47158888

DATE :  Jan 15, 2015
VENUE  : Hard Rock Cafe Saket, South Delhi

PHONE  : 011-47158888

CATEGORY :  Food And Drinks, Music And Performing Arts, Nightlife
ABOUT :  Listen to some World Fusion music at Hard Rock Cafe with Prem Joshua & Band, pioneers in this genre of music, bringing together contemporary Western music and the musical traditions of India.

Led by Prem Joshua on Sitar, Bamboo flutes, Soprano Saxophone, Vocals, the band also includes Raul Sengupta on Tabla, Darbouka, Cajon, Congas, Percussion, Vocals; Satgyan Fukudaon Electric bass, Percussion, Vocals; Robin Mattuck on Keyboards, Percussion, Vocals and Runa Rizvi on Vocals. This German band intricately blends music genres like jazz, electronica and funk with Hindustani instruments to come up with some distinctive music.

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