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Finally trailer of movie ‘PADMAVATI’ released…

Padmavati movie poster.

Long awaited trailer of movie ‘Padmavati’ finally released and it was released exactly at 13:03. The reason why Padmavati Trailer released on 13:03 was Khilji invaded Chittaur in 1303 AD. Other facts related to 13:03 are Maharawal ratan singh fought with khilji in 1303 and Rani Padmavati did jauhar in 1303. This simply shows Sheer Dedication to bring things to Perfection.

With involvement of Sanjay leela Bhansali we can only expect majestic elevated royal sets, grand experiences with broad imagination and character’s intricate details. Marvelous dialogues and music are other interesting parts which will be a different experience for all of you.

We can see Deepika Padukone portraying as  Rani Padmavati in her full glory. Rani Padmavati was epitome of beauty and our elegant looking actress justifies with the character totally. The queen was herself from Sinhala kingdom which is presently in Sri lanka who was married to King Maharawal Ratan Singh (portrayed by Shahid Kapoor) and became Queen of Mewar. Sultan Alauddin Khilji was just fascinated by stories of her beauty and fought with king for her. After watching her reflection, he was enchanted by her beauty which led to another fight leading to defeat of king. Rani did jauhar (an act  to protect pride and preventing molestation) to protect her dignity.

This movie is said to be most expensive movie till date with a budget of whopping 140 crore. Movie is going to release on 1st of Dec,2017. Are you going to watch this historical movie? Tell us about your views in the comment box below.





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