Aries (21 March – 20 April)

You are likely to face some relationship issue this month. Some situations might not be in your control, then too don’t lose hope. Don’t feel insecure about whether you’ll be well received by others or not. People usually ignore expensive things, stay positive n calm. Apart from all, other great opportunities awaits for you this month. News of promotion is also on the card. Stop over thinking and concentrate on your goals.

Lucky Number:  5, Lucky Color: Silver


Taurus (21 April – 20 May)

News you weren’t expecting can come and your soul, body and mind seems to be in great balance, so enjoy! October is the month of all good news for the taurians. Celebrations, profit of all sorts is seen, marriage, property, job, travelling, all tasks you took up will be done on time and with profit. Reward yourself. Everyone needs rewards, you are not an exception.  Financial condition will also improve. Take guidance from an experienced person if required.

Lucky Number: 1, Lucky Color: Red


Gemini (21 May – 20 June)

Take care of your mental and physical health. Little things like letting yourself in sunlight, exercising, taking walk can help. Beware of accidents. Goals will be achieved but with little satisfaction. Don’t blindfold yourself; look for options which are coming your way. One and last opportunity will knock your way, avail it and don’t waste your time. Some relation will improve. Be brave to grab whatever comes your way!

Lucky Number: 4, Lucky Color: Yellow


Cancer (21 June – 22 July)

You are unexpected to meet with an old friend. Positive moments of all sorts are on the card. Growth will be there in all aspects of life in this month. Use source and resources to get your work done. Everything will be done as you are ready to take any challenge. Avoid taking unwanted risks. Pack your bags Overseas travels awaits you.

Lucky Number: 5, Lucky Color: White


Leo (23 July – 23 August)

Time to celebrate your accomplishments.  Reap what you had sown. Fruitful result in everything you do! Financially a strong month for you all. Good news related to marriage is sure to come. Suggestions for you is don’t indulge in enjoyment too much. Don’t neglect your responsibilities take quick actions. Others will be happy to assist you.

Lucky Number: 2, Lucky Color: Light green


Virgo (24 August – 22 September)

You will be full of energy and focused for the entire month. Good news related to anything is expected. Confusing circumstances are likely to appear by start of this month but slowly all will be sorted. Take help if necessary. Professional and personal life will be in balance. You are done with your jobs, now sit back and relax. Watch the fruit of you labor grow. Some people might be searching for love and will find it by end of this month, which will bring lot of joy and happiness in their lives.

Luck Number: 4, Lucky Color: Brown


Libra (23 September – 23 October)

Lot of hard work will be there for Librans. Something will not go according to the planning made. Delay is there, but don’t get nervous because some positive change in work front is surely seen. Travelling will be there. Be aware of surroundings, don’t share any plan with anyone around or to any third person. He may take advantage. Fallow your own insights over the advice of others. Be silent for the time being. Face your fears and grow stronger.

Lucky Number: 8, Lucky Color: Maroon


Scorpio (24 October – 22 November)

Slow Down! There are many choices which will be coming your way, but choose wisely. Beware while using vehicles. Sometimes all you can do is to watch something fall apart, wait for the dust to settle and then begin to clean up. Good news is that by next month, you’ll be back in your power. Your career directions might seem to be confusing. Any problem is a blessing, because you’ll find out something was wrong and needed to be made right. Meditation can be very helpful.

Luck Number: 1, Lucky Color: White


Sagittarius (23 November – 21 December)

Big opportunity locks your way. Be open to it. Timing is right to make long term plans for a bright future. Everything will be balanced. Marriage proposals, weddings are possible. Financial condition will improve and unexpected gains are seen. Challenges will be resolved. Someone who is romantic, dreamy, emotional may enter your life or your current relationship will experience a reawakening. God’s blessings are with you at every area of life. Just enjoy!!

Lucky Number: 5, Lucky Color: Golden


Capricorn (22 December – 20 January)

You may feel as though you’re restricted by the circumstances, but it is just an illusion. Change your life by changing your thoughts. New beginnings are there, unexpected gift is on the cards. Hard work is key to all problems, after it is done wait for awards, promotions or other recognition for your efforts. If someone assists you trust him and say yes! Do what you love. Allow your creativity to soar!

Lucky Number: 3, Lucky Color: Green


Aquarius (21 January -18 February)

Those who are in relationship, get ready to knot for forever. Overseas travel is also on the cards. Career wise new beginnings are there. Successful completion in all tasks you took up and soon, you’ll begin a new journey. This is the time to shine, shine your light as the example for others to fallow. Good time ahead.

Lucky Number: 4, Lucky Color: Red


Pisces (19 February- 20 March)

Financially a strongest month. Highest attainment of material success. Goals and targets will be achieved successfully. You will be buying or selling your property with profit. Lot of travel is related to work. Need to take care of your health, even health is wealth. Keep up good work and you will never be short of anything. Good luck.

Lucky Number: 6, Lucky Color: Orange


SOUMYA DIXIT  excels in Tarot card reading, Numerology, and uses Healing Techniques like Reiki and Dowsing.

Born in Traditional ‘BRAHMIN FAMILY’ with SPIRITUALITY in Blood really helped me to be an OCCULTIST. At the age of 21 during my graduation days, I was practicing this art professionally. Coming to this mysterious world was a PASSION for me which grew as a career than into profession. I ENJOY it wholeheartedly. My followers have a belief that “I have a god gifted art of TAROT “.

I embrace my knowledge to empower people to achieve their full potential in their journey towards personal growth in whatever field they are into.

Whatever I am is because of my mother she really invested in my dreams much more than I could ever imagine. Wherever I am stuck she was there to make me realize that I CAN & I WILL. My mother is a source of inspiration to me, she is my soul mentor.

After 2 years to this magical journey nothing is left which is unachieved. So many blessings & appreciations from the people around.

Lord Shiva has blessed me with the divine art of tarot and I feel lucky to have it though.



EMAIL: [email protected]

Phone No. 9911690505, 981060505

Instagram : sdixiit_tarotcardreader

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