Miss Belarus won Miss Supermodel Worldwide 2018 contest in India!

India’s very first international modelling competition concluded with the crowning of Miss Belarus, Aleksandra Liashkova as the winner of the event on March 26, 2018 at the Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, India. Miss Supermodel Worldwide Brand Ambassador and top fashion model, Josephine Tan crowned this stunning diva from Belarus as the very first winner of the Miss Supermodel Worldwide pageant at the grand finale of the gala.

Forty three (43) international models from different parts of the world came to India to vie for the coveted crown of Miss Supermodel Worldwide. The contest was a 10 day long fashion and culture exchange festival during which the candidates took part in a series of fashions shows and social events. During the entire course of the pageant, the contestantsalso took part in various preliminary events like Evening Gown Competition, National Costume Competition, Interview segment and many more that helped in determining the eventual winner.

The competition was organized by the Rubaru Group, an NGO and talent promoting organization based in the Northern part of India. The Rubaru Group is one of the biggest and most successful pageant organizations in the world. The organization is the producer of Rubaru Mr India pageant, one of the biggest and oldest surviving national male pageants in Asia and Rubaru Miss India Elite, an annual pageant in India that sends Indian representatives to various international pageants. Apart from this,Rubaru Group has also hosted various international modelling competitions in India like Supermodel International (Based in Thailand) in 2016 and 2017, Mister Model International Pageant (Based in the USA) in 2016 and Face of Beauty International pageant (Based in New Zealand). The Rubaru Group also holds the record of being to only Indian organization to be associated with the highest number of international pageants and modelling competitions.

Apart from crowning of Miss Belarus as the eventual winner, the pageant also awarded four runners upand they were Ekaterina Evdokimova of Russia who was declared 1st runner-up, whereas ZarinaAndirjanova from Uzbekistan was crowned 2nd runner-up, ChantarachotaPaphattanun from Thailand was awarded with the 3rd runner-up title and HelinaTilahunBikis from Ethiopia was adjudged 4th runner-up at the conclusion of the grand event. Also, the most beautiful candidate from every continent or continental group was awarded with the “Continental Queen of Beauty Award”, and they were Miss Malaysia who was crowned Miss Supermodel Worldwide Asia and Oceania, Miss South Africa was crowned Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa, Miss Kosovo was declared Miss Supermodel Worldwide Europe and Miss Ecuador was adjudged Miss Supermodel Worldwide Americas.

The selection of the winner was done in a very holistic approach. From 43 candidates the best 20 candidates were selected in the first round. After the completion of the second round best 10 candidates were shortlisted and rest were eliminated. From these best 10 candidates, the main winner and the runners up were crowned.

Here are names of the countries that made it top 20 and the top 10

Top 20: Turkey, Malaysia, Kenya, Kosovo, Uzbekistan, Italy, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Sri Lanka, Moldova, Ecuador, Israel, Russia, Ethiopia, New Zealand, Thailand, China, Cameroon, Austria and India.

Top 10: Thailand, Belarus, Israel, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, Cameroon, India, Sri Lanka and Ethiopia.

Other than all these main awards there were also some special awards that were given to the candidates who excelled in that particular area. Here is the list of the Special Award winners.

  1. Best in Evening Gown: Australia
  2. Best in Swimsuit: Kazakhstan
  3. Miss Photogenic: Ethiopia
  4. Miss Body Beautiful: Italy
  5. Miss Congeniality: India
  6. Miss Charity Queen: Turkey
  7. Miss Rampwalk: Philippines
  8. Miss Fashionista: Moldova
  9. Best Cover Look Model: Israel
  10. Best in Interview round: Egypt
  11. Miss Intellectual: Kenya
  12. Miss Iconic Beauty: New Zealand
  13. Missosology’s People’s Choice Award: Armenia
  14. Miss Energetic: Zimbabwe
  15. Fittest Supermodel: Croatia
  16. Miss Internet Popularity: England (Winner); Puerto Rico (First runner up) and Armenia (Second runner up).
  17. Best in Talent: China (Winner), England (First runner up) and Israel (Second runner up)
  18. Best National Costume: Sri Lanka (Winner); Ecuador (First runner up)  and Borneo (Second runner up)

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