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Love turns into hatred in the colors upcoming show “Ishq Mein Mar Jawaan”

Colors TV’s upcoming thriller revenge drama full of twists is a struggle of a free-spirited girl’s escape from her beloved’s trap. The show stars Arjun Bijlan-Aalisha Panwar in lead roles. The show will replace Sasural Simar Ka from the 7:30 pm slot from 20th September on Colors. Panwar plays a double role while Bijlani portrays a gray character. Recently, the leads were in The Lalit, Delhi for promotions and interacted with the media.

It is a suspense drama involving romance, betrayal, and murder. The plot of the serial involves Aleya and Deep Rai Chand as the protagonists. Aleya falls in love with a stranger and their picture perfect relationship comes to an end when she unveils the betrayal of her beloved. The meticulous planner used her love as a ladder to save his wife who is identical to Aleya. Aleya finds herself as the primary suspect for a series of murders and ends up behind bars.

But that’s not enough, things get worse when she realizes that everything she thought was a coincidence was actually a planned series of events and all the people she thought who were her family were, in reality, con artists. She is deeply wounded to realize that the man of her dreams was responsible for setting her up and was only pretending to love her.

The show explores what happens when love turns to hatred. The naive and simple woman plans an unbelievable escape and as she is chasing truth she stumbles upon something which blows her mind off. The chivalrous and passionate man, she thought she knew, was a manipulative control freak who was only saving his real wife, who is a psychopath plotting murders.
The show will give a roller coaster ride to the viewers with lots of ups and downs. Heart throb Arjun Bijlan will, as usual, be seen as rocking the show with Simla girl Aalisha Panwar in the show.










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