Launch Of Pra Pra Prank Hosted By Inderjeet Singh Banga & Jasmeet Banga

Inderjeet Singh Banga & Jasmeet Banga recently hosted the launch Party for their New brand ‘ PRA PRA PRANK’ at Cyber Hub. Pra Pra Prank takes pride in introducing itself as India’s first playful brasserie. The party was high on food, drinks and glamour which saw the presence of Delhi_NCR who’s and who’s.

Speaking on his inspiration which led to this venture, co promoter Inderjeet Banga says,‘We believe in having a dynamic approach to food and drinks & creating PraPraPrank has pushed us in actualizing that belief. Exciting, inviting and inventive, PraPraPrank is an impressive new concept that we have created. It all begins when you step into India’s first playful Brasserie abounding with fun and experiences into times two!!! Integrating two of the most popular choices of dining – a  uniquely concealed high energy bar within the restaurant boasting Modern Indian & Modern Asian cuisine, we promise to surprise the Indian audience with double the fun especially for their increasingly discerning senses…including Umami!’

‘Biggie Hospitality has earned an iconic status over the years in the capital and has always been at the forefront of culinary excellence. We aim to continue providing an upscale dining experience that our guests have grown accustomed to. Superlative service in a lifestyle environment that is the hallmark of a memorable time will make PraPraPrank, India’s first playful Brasserie now join the capital’s skyline with its promise to offer you anything but the usual as well as one of the India’s gastronomic landmarks as everything on offer is double the fun!!’ ’ Shares co promoter Jasmeet Banga

Seen at the event were known faces like Thenny Mejia, Dharna Hassija, Mallika Jain, Shweta Singh, Meenakshi Dutt, Deepika Krishna and more.

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