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Grand Feast at The Great Kebab Factory

For guests looking for an authentic ethnic experience, The Great Kebab Factory at Radisson Blu Plaza,Delhi is a unique heaven. Featuring Indian flavors cooked in the most authentic way, the restaurant offers an assortment of Biryanis, Kebabs and unique Indian breads. Each day the food heaven offers you six different enticing vegetarian and non vegetarian Kebabs, curries, breads, and a biryani chosen from its large repository of recipes to a new culinary experience every day. Guests can enjoy unlimited portions at a fixed price in a lavish environment.

The essence of The Great Kebab Factory is in the thousands of recipes that are perfected over the 12 years of its existence. The focus is on Indian grills, complex marinades and cooking methods that add flavor, distinction and a subtle style to the kebabs. The raw materials are as varied as possible; giving an extra dimension of flavor to what is already an incredible taste experience.

These include scallops, prawns, pomfret, quail and lamb chops, each of which has a unique marinade associated with it. Other signature dishes include biryanis as well, subtly spiced and served in unique dishes, along with the comprehensive selection of Indian breads. Vegetarians are also extensively catered to; choices of kebabs include aubergines, sweet potato, jackfruit, baby corn, and broccoli.

What makes this restaurant different from the hundreds (if not thousands) of other similar restaurants in Delhi?

The Great Kebab Factory offers a unique dining experience. Using recipes combining the ancient with the contemporary, TGKF brings delectable kebabs from all over the Indian subcontinent to one table. At TGKF one can experience mouth-watering kebabs prepared in seven different styles, roasted on the tandoor or on a singhri, shallow-fried in a tawa or a mahi tawa, deep-fried in a kadhai, steamed in earthen pots or even grilled on a imported stone.

So what are the specialties you’ll be offered at this majestic place for food?

  • A Different Menu Every Day : A different menu is set for each day and guests are served unlimited servings of each dish, either vegetarian or non-vegetarian. Besides the signature kebabs such as the Galauti and the Burrah, the meal comprises of daal factory, biryani, a selection of Indian breads and the best of seasonal vegetables and desserts.
  • 450 types of Kebabs – You cannot find that anywhere else: The signature kebabs have been created after a decade of extensive research of authentic places.TGKF owns a recipe bank of over 450 kebabs which include many closely guarded family recipes passed down through the ages. Various imitations have been created but no other have been able to match the unique flavor and aromas of the original TGKF signature kebabs.
  • Vegetarian Kebabs: For the vegetarian people out there,chefs have introduced kebabs such as tandoori broccoli and subz galouti which are unique to the TGKF dining experience and you can still enjoy kebabs.

Some of lip smacking dishes are shown below with their description ,how it’s cooked.

Galauti Kebab – One of the more delicate kebabs from Lucknow made of minced goat meat. Legend says that this kebab was created for an aging Nawab Wajid Ali Shah of Lucknow who lost his teeth, but not his passion for meat dishes. ‘Galawati’ means “melt in your mouth” and was perfect for the toothless

Nawab who continued savoring this until his last days. Traditionally, green papaya is used to make it tender. After being mixed with a few selected herbs and spices (great chef’s secret 😉 ), the very finely minced meat is shaped into patties and fried in pure ghee until they are browned. The original recipe that brought many a smile on the Nawab’s face, albeit toothless, and many a sigh of satisfaction, is supposed to have more than 100 aromatic spices.



Burrah kebab– Burrah literally means “big” .They are made of succulent Lamb chops that are marinated over-night in exotic spices & taste of the warm flavors of garlic,cumin, nutmeg balanced by the sharpness of vinegar and lemon.

Achaari Macchi – Fish marinated with pickled spices may sound like a vivid combination, but our Master Indian Chef has taken a step in reviving this forgotten classical dish to cherish it to its heights and they will create a blast in your mouth.

So,when are you going for these delicacies?



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