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“Bahurang” held on 5th March, 2018 at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi


A dance recital by Guru Shovana Narayan & her disciples Shruti Gupta Chandra, Kartika Singh and Mrinalini. 

New Delhi:  At a recent evening in the Capital, famous Kathak dancers Guru Shovana Narayan and her disciples Shruti Gupta Chandra, Kartika Singh and Mrinalini,together presented existing pieces from their guru’s repertoire along with  pure dance pieces set to teen taal, dhamar and 11 beats.

Bahurang was a dance show which celebrated many varied shades of a woman- her strength and her delicacy, her fortitude and her sensitivity, her resilience and her feminity.

Guru Shovana Narayan exemplifies women of today.  She was accompanied by three of her disciples- Shruti Gupta Chandra, Kartika Singh and Mrinalini.

Shruti Gupta Chandra, who explored a new colour of a woman, that of a mother. Through the story of Yashodhara, wife of Gautam Budha, she explores the intrinsic strength of a woman who even lets go of her most prized love- her child. Shruti  Gupta Chandra says “That particular fact was unknown to me and also absolutely irrelevant. I just knew I had to learn. It was a fascinating introduction into the world of kathak”

The second colour of a young woman, aware and buoyant revels in her own feminity. Kartika Singh embodies this young woman facing struggle of maturity.

A woman, in the first stages of girlhood, is a colour brought forth by Mrinalini. She dances with her dreams alive and wait for a glorious tomorrow with full of energy and anticipation.

To celebrate and rejoice the Womanhood personalities like Herbert Traxl, Aarti Zaveri, Abha Dalmia, Asha Modi, Brigitte öppinger-walchshofer, Tovar da Silva Nunes, Neeraj Chaudhary and many more were present at the event.

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